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About Us

SEOJury.co.uk is your leading source for reliable information about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) professionals and agencies in the UK. Our comprehensive database of reviews will give you an up to date, and informed overview of the best SEO experts in the marketplace. Our guides and resources ensure buyers of SEO services have a foundation understanding of the concept, so they know what they’re looking for. We hope that by connecting informed buyers with high-quality providers, we can maintain the integrity of the SEO industry in the UK.

As a website owner, getting your site fully indexed and well-ranked in the Google and other search engine results can seem like magic. Whether you have an information based site, eCommerce store, blog, or anything in between – it’s difficult to know what SEO strategies work best and which experts offer the best and most up to date solutions.

Thankfully our team of dedicated SEO professionals have years of experience optimising and ranking all kinds of websites and have made it their goal to carefully review all of the leading SEO agencies and freelancers in the UK. So you’re no longer going in blind.

Our team also wants buyers to be informed about SEO themselves before parting with their money. So you will find resource pages and other valuable information exploring the SEO concept and the latest developments alongside the database of reviews.

At SEOJury.co.uk our policy is to publish only verified, honest and genuine reviews, from experts and users who have actually tested and used the services in question. If an SEO agency excels in all areas, we will sign their praises. But if a company has a poor track record and we find they produce poor results, we will always let you know.

By enforcing this policy, we hope to contribute to a better overall SEO industry – for buyers, experts and general web users alike.

What We Do

SEO Jury was devised after the first-hand experience in a chaotic and inefficient SEO marketplace. Buyers were struggling to understand SEO and therefore were buying the wrong services, while quality professionals with honest services were finding it hard to differentiate themselves from poor quality providers with savvy sales teams.

While buyers with a large budget might be able to throw enough money at the problem until a solution is found, our website streamlines the process.

We rank, rate and review individual SEO professionals and bigger agencies based on our informed experiences in the industry. Our up to date database of reviews look at all of the key areas that matter to buyers, highlighting the real strengths and weaknesses of a provider from real world testing, instead of regurgitating their own sales copy.

By referring to SEOJury.co.uk before settling on a service, buyers can be sure that their budget and time won’t be wasted trying to find a solution that works.

Conversely, the best SEO professionals can be sure that they’re business is rated highly and are sent customers that suit their range of services and know exactly what they’re looking for.

Getting Started

If you’re a buyer looking to get your website optimised for the search engines, all you have to do is browse our database of SEO professionals, which we’ve sorted into helpful categories. You can further filter the results based on your own requirements.

You will also find buyers guides, infographics and other SEO resources so that you can begin your search for an SEO professional with an informed perspective.

If you are an SEO freelancer or agency based in the UK that isn’t yet in our database, you can follow the steps to “get listed, ” and our team will soon be on the case.

Why We’re Different

We’re not the first website to provide such information and SEO reviews, so why do we stand out from the crowd?

To put it simply, our information is honest, and all of our reviews are real!

We never have and never will forge a ‘special relationship’ with any SEO professional that gives them an unfair advantage in the marketplace. This means we don’t accept money for positive reviews nor to we highlight those that pay the highest referral commissions.

This has become a major problem across many industries, with some sites even pretending to review a service while only repeating marketing spiel.

All our reviews are verified, genuine and based on real world experience of the service.

This supports our mission of maintaining the integrity and quality of the SEO industry in the UK. We believe that by taking this approach, only the best service providers will get the most business, which gives buyers the best experience, and in turn, improves the overall standard of the World Wide Web. It will also encourage lacklustre SEO professionals to improve their business or fail in the marketplace.

Who We Are

SEO Jury consists of a passionate team of SEO experts from across the globe, who have many years of experience in the industry or related and helpful fields. We’ve optimised and ranked websites, bought SEO services ourselves, built and marketed websites, and formulated our own unique strategies. In short, we know SEO!

Our team’s combined expertise gives us an unrivalled ability to recognise and understand the problems and needs of both buyers and sellers – building a more meaningful and efficient relationship between them.

No matter if you’re an SEO professional looking to promote your genuine strengths, or a website owner wanting to give your site the best chance of ranking high in the search engines – we’re confident that SEO Jury will bring you together for long term success.

If you have any questions or queries about who we are or what we do, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. A member of our team will be happy to correspond.