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SEO Surgeon

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Seo Surgeon is an SEO strategy agency based in London. With over six years experience in SEO Consultancy, the firm’s reputation and good results have led it to be one of the highly sought after digital marketing agencies in the UK. Through many years of hands on experience in Google SEO, the firm has learned secrets to rank a UK based business well in search engines yet maintaining its stay in the region. As a result of impressive work, the agency’s clients range from small, medium and even large enterprises. The firm prefers working remotely and therefore does not a physical office in London. Nevertheless, their wide range of affordable services and high-quality, ethical SEO techniques has won them many new and return customers. The company’s team offer a variety of services that include an update of website content, keyword research, SEO campaign, monitor technical issues in websites and other SEO services across the board.


01. SEO Audits 
A complete health check up of your site builds a solid foundation to any SEO campaign that you conduct. SEO Surgeons conducts an in-depth scrutiny to ascertain any underlying problems.  
02. Onsite Optimisation 
SEO Surgeon works to ensure your website pages, content, titles, and tags are optimised for your target keywords.  
03. Link Building 
Link building is one of the hardest parts in SEO, but hiring an expert who understands the art of building high-quality links puts your business ahead of competitors.  
04. Competitor Analysis 
To remain relevant in your field, it’s necessary to identify and evaluate your competitors’ strengths and weak areas and compare them to those of your business.  
05. Local SEO 
To beat your competitors, your site needs to be optimised for Google SEO for it to appear high in search results.  
06. SEO Copywriting 
Every website needs quality writing that is easy to read and doesn’t sound repetitive.  
07. Website Migration Plan 
Website migration is a critical process that can either turn out successful or wipe off all your data in seconds. SEO surgeon team of experts can help in the successful website migration within a short time.